Backpacking in 82 Days-October 5-7 2014

Finally found free Wifi! Here’s a nifty recap for the past few days……

Also, we have a fart ton of photos on our other camera, but can’t get it to connect to wifi. Suggestions?

10/5….Devyn and I met in San Francisco on the 28 bus, got engaged and decided travel. So, to start off our trip, we spent the first night in San Francisco’s and Portlands love child; Auckland. It has all the characteristics of a city, minus the crusties. It even has a large Asian influenced culture.  After living in a city, it’s a bit underwhelming and you aren’t mystified by the city life. Our hostel had 12 people in it, with a weird dude that was trying to pick up on a Latin girl. There was also a French guy yelling in his sleep.

We didn’t take much photos of Auckland and the next day, being the 5th, we picked up our car and learned how to drive on the wrong side of the road. We took a trek through the coromandel peninsula, with our end destination being Hahei.

image image image

Hahei is ridiculous. It’s like a Hawaiian paradise, times a really high number; you choose. Devyn drove on the left side of the road really well, almost killing us a few times. We had to dish out a few extra bucks to get the hostel in Hahei because of the isolation.

Our hostel

Our hostel

Kiwis are awesome. Happy on life people. We had dinner at this paradise’s own brewery, The Pour House. It’s only been open for a few months and will already be in Lonely Planet’s 2015 NZ travel guide. Due to being on a tight budget, we’re living on nutrition bars. Eating here started us on our diet of beer, mussels and pizza at the end of every night.

image image Flights of beer and grub.

10/6….. We woke up bummed to leave Hahei. Before leaving, we hiked to the cathedral cove. The pictures sum it up better. imageimageimageimage

From here, we had a really long to Matamata, home of Hobbitn. It’s a small place in which you can tell the LOTR films put on the map. Roads to here are littered with road kill. The animals are farmed well and all free range, so they seem to get on roads often. We ate our beer and pizza diet at The Redoubt. It’s a small pub decorated with LOTR stuff.


10/7……We woke up and went to Hobbiton. Do I really need to talk about it?

image image image image image image image image image image image image image Hobbiton was epic. There’s at least 100+ photos we took, but for the sale of my patience, here are a few. Getting free ale at The Green Dragon at the end of the tour was solid. The film crew really did an awesome job at creating this world. It’s the same feeling you have going to Disneyland, but mixed with Middle Earth. It’s insanely authentic. We are both huge fans of LOTR and re-read the books before the trip. We even saw where the Old Gaffer lived and saw the Hobbit hole used for the final shot of Return of the King. I was depressed to leave. I got sucked in that world of beauty and simplicity….mixed in with ales. We are now in Rotorua and heading here after Hobbiton is a sure fire way to bum yourself out. You’re high on life and then you’re here, where it has the stench of sulphur and rotten eggs because of the volcanic activity. Tonight we are going to the Maori equivalent of a Luau.


One thought on “Backpacking in 82 Days-October 5-7 2014

  1. The pictures are great! Love those Hobbit homes. Wouldn’t mind having one myself, everything looks so green and perfect! You guys look like your having an awesome time!! Keep us posted on the next leg of your journey!!!

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